Lead Pipe Replacement Scheme from CW Pipewise

If you’re replacing lead pipework that you are responsible for, you could apply for the lead replacement scheme.
Check with your water supplier to see if you are eligible.

Lead in Drinking Water

Where does lead come from?
Lead used to be common in the environment due to its widespread historic use in petrol, paint and water pipes. Before 1970, lead pipework was commonly used to connect properties to the mains water network. The use of lead pipes has since been banned, however many older properties that have not been modernised are likely to have lead pipework underground and/or inside the building.

Is lead harmful?
Lead can build up in the body and it is recommended that exposure to lead minimised as far as possible. Those at particular risk are infants (including unborn babies) and children because lead can have an adverse impact on mental development. Lead may also be factor in behavioural problems. In adults it may impair kidney, heart and circulatory health.

How do I know if there are lead pipes in my home?
If your home was built:

  • Before 1970 – it may have lead pipes

  • After 1970 – it is unlikely to have lead pipes

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