Specialists in Water Pipe Repairs and Leak Repairs

CW Pipewise is a specialist in external water pipe repairs for your property, and our team of experts operates from our central location in Surrey, covering London, Berkshire, Greater London, and Surrey. We provide a 24-hour emergency call-out service for all water leakage issues, including main water pipes, plastic mains water, lead pipe replacement, and lead mains water.

Our advanced technology allows us to locate and repair most leaks quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your property. At CW Pipewise, we offer trenchless solutions and minimal disruption when repairing or relaying pipes, and our specialised equipment can bore underground without disturbing the surface. With years of experience in water flow management, we have an expert team that can advise on solutions to any problems you may be encountering.

We are fully qualified and accredited by WIAPS and TAPS 5, meaning we can sign off your new water supply without inspection by the water board for most water companies, including Thames Water (TAPS 5), South East Water, and Affinity Water (WIAPS).

In addition to our pipe replacement and installation services, we also specialise in leak repairs. Our teams can quickly locate and repair leaks using our advanced technology, ensuring minimal disruption to your property. For your peace of mind, we hold full public liability insurance which can be made available upon request. Contact CW Pipewise for all your external water pipe repair and leak repair needs.

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